Speaker Materials for 2017 Conference
Guardianship & Decisional Support: A National Perspective        

Sponsored jointly by the Massachusetts Guardianship Policy Institute & the National Association of Social Workers, Massachusetts Chapter

The following materials have been produced by speakers and panelists for the Conference on Guardianship & Decisional Support on December 6, 2017, at the Federal Reserve Bank Building in Boston, MA.  A password to open these files has been provided to all registrants by an e-mail on December 4, 2017.   Please review these materials in advance of the Conference.  We recommend that you print and bring them to the event, if you would find it helpful for reference or note-taking.

Bird’s Eye View: New Uniform Act, Restoration, and Leadership in Guardianship
Erica Wood, J.D., Assistant Director, Amercan Bar Association Commission on Law & Aging

Decisional Capacity

Jennifer Moye, PhD, Associate Director of Research & Education at the VA New England Geriatric Research, Education, and Clinical Center; Professor of Psychology, Harvard Medical School

View from the Bench: Appointment, Expansion & Discharge of Guardianship
Hon. Paula Carey, Chief Justice, Massachusetts Trial Court

Keynote Presentation: Ethical Strategies for End-of-Life Decision-Making
Viki Kind, M.A. Clinical Bioethicist and Medical Educator

Alternatives to Guardianship: The Dignity of Risk
Robert Fleishner, Esq., Center for Public Representation

Report of Legislative Activity re: Public Guardianship in Massachusetts
Peter Macy, J.D., Ed.M.

John J. Ford, Esq.
Wynn Gerhard, Esq.    

Heather Connors, PhD